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As a Level 1 Precision Nutrition qualified coach in sports and exercise nutrition, I can help you make some sensible and sustainable decisions about what you eat and how you can live healthier. Perhaps your goal is to lose weight, enter a fitness or sports competition, gain muscle or just lose fat.


The way I work is to create realistic habit changes in your daily diet and exercises activities. Small changes that are achieveable. And they are not changes driven and directed by me, but by you. You will be in full agreement of everything in our plan. I'll just make sure you're on track and heading in the right direction, with a few suggestions and tweaks along the way.


It's not a quick fix, but a 12 month programme. You can jump out of it after 6 months if you feel it's not sustainable, but these are habits and changes for life, so I'm hoping you'll be seeing some amazing benefits by then and will be in it for the long haul.


I am currently taking on new clients to my programme. We will work together remotely if necessary and touch base each week to check on your progress.


For more details contact me directly.

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