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4 week Triathlon S&C adaption plan

  • 4Weeks
  • 27Steps


This 4 week plan introduces you to some essential triathlon-specific strength & conditioning exercises to prepare you for the following 10-week plan. You have just 2 workouts per week to complete and each should be no more than 45 minutes. I have included videos for each exercise plus descriptions to guide you. A couple of exercises will require you to have access to some gym equipment. If you don't yet have access to a gym, there is a section here to give you some variations. You do also need to have access to relatively heavy weights to get the most out of this - strength training is strength training! You can't build strength on 2 and 3kg dumbells I'm afraid. Be sure to make a note of your sets, reps and weights so you can see progression and improvement. This 4 week plan will then set you up nicely for the 10 week programme.

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