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Correspondence Coaching

What We Do

Not everyone can get to a regular squad or club training sessions. Work and/or family commitments may mean the timings just aren't suitable, or the sessions are plain just too early or late in the day. There is no doubt that training with others is both motivational and helps you improve (due to peer pressure and competitiveness). But sometimes it just doesn't work.


You may have tried an off-the-shelf training plan, or just bumbled along in your own way. And that might have gone well....up to a point. Now you are looking for something more specific. Or you might just want the accountability of someone giving you direction and putting some purpose into your workouts, and checking that things are going to plan.


That's where a correspondence coach comes in.


I will write your training programme for you....JUST you. We will discuss what other commitments you may have, and plan your schedule around them. I will also work out your goals, plan your races (if applicable) and periodise your training so that you 1) don't overtrain,  2) get the right balance of technique, aerobic and lactate threshold training into your week and 3) you get adequate rest and recovery.


And because the training sessions are inserted into Training Peaks, an online platform, you see them in your calendar a week or two ahead of time. You can also move sessions around in the week to suit your day (if you upgrade your TP account).


Through Training Peaks you also communicate with me and upload your workout data from your Garmin or other sports watch. I can see the entire workout, together with the relevant statistics to see how you are performing. I will then adapt future sessions as necessary.


This is truly the gold standard of online coaching!


If you are a sportsperson ideally you need to have a Garmin or other GPS watch with a heart rate monitor plus a power meter (if cycling) to get the best out of this type of training.


All bespoke athletes and clients go through a strict application process before signing up, so please do get in touch if you are interested in this level of coaching.


What to expect with Bespoke coaching:


1. Planning

  • Workout schedule tailored to race plan where applicable, hours available, and typical weekly schedule.

  • Customized by your coach, progressing to your race (or other) goals and integrated into daily life. Delivered via Training Peaks account.

  • Refinements based on your race calendar, typical weekly training schedule, and hours of training available.

  • Adjusted for factors such as fatigue, travel, and injury (when you are not in your regular routine)  

  • Daily and weekly schedule is a living, moving process, based on your training progression and feedback.

  • Functional Strength programme integrated into each week of your training plan*



2. Coaching

  • Feedback, individual guidance, and ongoing review

  • Regular face to face Check-Ins *

  • Weekly check-in with your coach to review the plan, workouts, and make adjustments as needed.

  • Creation of personalized race plan including zones, fueling, and pacing.

  • Weekly written feedback on athlete questions, training progress, and challenges.


*Additional fees apply

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Monthly Plan - Correspondence Coaching
Monthly Plan
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