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Multi-Sport - What We Do

As  BTF Level 2 coach and Triathlon Australia Development Coach, personal trainer, UKSA and ASCA L1 S&C coach, plus Age group triathlete, I have a wealth of experience and knowledge to help you with your multisport goals.


I specialise in working with all athletes, whether at the start or some way into their sporting journey, so if that's you, and can't get to the local club or squad sessions, I can help you to get the most out of your training week.


Click on your favoured coaching option below to see more detail about how it works and if it's suitable for you.

Image by Jorge Romero

Correspondence coaching

I will write your training programme for you....JUST you.


We will discuss what other commitments you may have, and plan your schedule around them. I will also work out your goals, plan your races (if applicable) and periodize your training so that you

1) don't overtrain, 

2) get the right balance of technique, aerobic and lactate threshold training into your week and

3) you get adequate rest and recovery.

Squad training

Join our small but growing squad of newbie triathletes as they start their journey into training and racing.

You will be amongst like-minded individuals and learn new skills whilst getting fitter and making new friends.

With a group you push yourself more than on your own and in this non-pressured environment you will see that anything is achievable

1-1 coaching

Alongside the correspondence coaching you can also have valuable personal coaching sessions to improve your technique or speed.

This may be a run technique session, swim analysis or bike FTP test.

Whatever your need, this premium service will help to push the performance needle in the right direction

Multi Sport


Plans available

Multi Sport Plans
Monthly Plan
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