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Easy strength workout for triathletes

One aspect of training that is often neglected by many triathletes is strength and conditioning. In my mind, this includes core, balance, power and strength endurance. Ideally we should be doing these twice a week, for approx 30-45 minutes.

Now it doesn't mean you have to go to the gym to get the benefits. There are many many bodyweight exercises and with bands/minimal equipment that you can do, and soooo much choice on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram. Equally, I have covered many great exercises that will benefit you in my Facebook Live workouts that you'll find back in March, April and June 2020.

But to help you decide what to do, these are the main muscles you need to work on:





Core incl. glutes

And all the main muscles of the back

Work in different planes (directions) and make sure you get some unilateral exercises in there too. Don't forget your balance! When you get stronger, add some plyometrics.

Here is a short video of my session (make sure you click on subtitles - 'CC' to see the exercise & weights). I am lucky I have some decent weights at home but am still missing the squat rack, leg press and lat pulldown that I would usually add in when I'm at the gym.

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