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Land-based swimming exercises

Here we go again!

For those of you who again find themselves without a pool to swim in, here are some land-based exercises you can add into your weekly S&C sessions, to keep those swimming muscles moving in the right way until you get splash about again.

Do each exercise for 30 seconds with 20 seconds recovery.

Go through each exercise consecutively. Then take a two-minute break to stretch and get water. Do the entire set of exercises up to three times through.

Exercise 1: Double Arm Pull

Exercise 2: Tricep Push-Down

Exercise 3: Chest Fly

Exercise 4: Breaststroke

Exercise 5: Single-Arm Pull

Exercise 6: “The Gorilla”

Exercise 7: “The Windshield Wiper”

Exercise 8: Shoulder Abduction, Adduction (For this exercise only,10 reps)

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