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Carbs for your workout

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

For regular day to day meals, we generally want higher-fibre slow-digesting carbohydrates such as

1. starchy tubers such as potatoes, and sweet potatoes

2. fruit

3. beans and legumes

4. whole grains

5. higher fibre versions of bread, pasta etc (eg sprouted bread, bean pasta)

And of course we want to eat normally most of the time, including before and after training.

For intra-workout nutrition we want faster-digesting carbohydrates. This is especially true if we're drinking them in a shake or solution.

For this purpose you can still use whole foods, or supplements. But not everyone will need these!

Whole-food options

If you have a blender and want to use whole foods for intra-workout nutrition, try blending (along with protein);

banana or cooked plantain

other fruits

cooked white or sweet potatoes

soaked rolled oats

One study found that raisins are just as effective as 'sport jelly beans'!

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